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April 15, 2014

Pijama shirt - part two

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 Dots again, not so tiny like the ones you saw in my previous post, but still, a lot of them, and this time they really stand out. I've had this shirt for a while and I just couldn't wait to wear it, the fabric's silkiness is just splendid! And the price I payed for it was simply outrageous - that is why we love outlets, right?
 I could've gone with heels, but I chose flats instead, I think they look cuter. And I had a lot to walk that day. And it seems I am very much in love with my denim jacket. Too bad the weather has turned and it's not warm enough to wear it anymore. Honestly, it feels like a sort of Autumn now.

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Wearing: Zara outlet blouse, thrifted skirt and belt, random brand bag, Zara jacket, shoes HERE

April 11, 2014

Pijama shirts - or not?


 I received this blouse not long ago from Sheinside and this is not the first time I am wearing it, but it is the first time it appears on this blog. When I had to choose from a lot of other blouses I was reluctant at first because I am not one to have a passion for teeny-tiny prints such as these. Dots, flowers, hearts, stripes, whatever, not a fan, they made me think of pijamas. Instead if you show me huge beautiful prints (preferably in crazy colors) on..anything, then you win me forever. The fact is, I don't know exactly what made me choose this blouse, perhaps the color, this minty green I will always adore, and the bow on the neckline, so feminine and elegant, I have a thing for those. I am happy with it, this is one of those exceptions I gladly accept, ha! And I am quite stubborn.
Worn with neutral or pastel pieces and it fits perfectly. Red will do too, but not very bright ok?
And I got to wear my new shoes I adore so much! It was one of those wonderful days when you find something beautiful (like...from ASOS) in an outlet store at a price so ridiculously low that just simply screamed: "BUY US! YOUR FEET WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN IF YOU DON'T TAKE US HOME!" 
So yes, I suppose that would've been true.

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Wearing: Sheinside shirt, thrifted skirt, ASOS shoes, random brand bag.

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April 9, 2014

Wearing flowers, because it's Spring!


Lately I've been enjoying this season as much as I could. I am looking now at three beautiful lilac bouquets that are proudly sitting on my desk, eating tons of sweet and strawberries, laughing with beautiful people and enjoying the little things. I missed posting as much as I am missing a certain person, a certain holiday or some random activity I used to have, but you know how time is and how scheduling conflicts (between my main photographer and I) can be painful.
 In any case, I am here now, showing off my new Zara jacket I got from online shopping - yes that is correct, Zara Romania has an online shopping site now; I am also proud of my new shirt the lovely people over at Sheinside sent me. The minute I saw that big beautiful print of amazing flowers, I knew it had to be mine. Needless, to say, it is so light and the colors match so many other stuff in my wardrobe, because well, that is the first thing I am looking for when shopping - color match, with not just one piece, but as many as possible.

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Take care guys, and hopefully see you soon!

 Wearing: Zara denim jacket, Sheinside shirt, Stefanel borrowed skirt, thrifted shoes, vintage belt, handmade ring, Meli Melo earrings and old bag.

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